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History of Comilla

Comilla (Town) stands on the bank of the Gumti river. It consists of 18 wards and 46 mahallas. It has an area of 11.47 sq km and a population of 168378; male 52.56%, female 47.44%. Literacy rate among the town people is 60.3%. In the suburb there exists the Commonwealth War Cemetery Memorials, Muktajuddha Museum at Mainamati Cantonment and bangladesh academy for rural development, Mainamati Museum, Comilla Cadet College at Courtbari. Comilla Town is blessed with the memories of national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. Nazrul Islam married twice in life, one at Daulatpur of Muradnagar upazila of the district and the other at Comilla Town. Those places have been marked with memorial plates. Poet Rabindranath Tagore visited Comilla twice. is one of the most ancient city which is famous for its natural beauty. Its called the town of bank and tank as so many banks and large sized ponds availbale here. This town is also famous for the    education.Comilla is a city near the India border. It has a population of 3 million. The city was ruled by Mughal emperors in the 17th century as well as the British East India Company in the 19th century. The city is famous for different types of sweets and Batik printed cloth.
Comilla, as a district is generally administrated by a Deputy Commissioner (DC), who is a government official of the district. However the civil society is quite strong in voice and activity here. The DC office is situated at Fauzdari area of (East side of Dharmasagar ) the town. The District of Comilla has been divided into 16 Thanas, they are Comilla Adarsa Sadar, Comilla Sadar South, Hoamna, Laksham, Muradnagar, Devidwar, Daudkandi, Burichang, Barura, Chandina, Titas, Meghna, Chowddogram, Langolkot, Brahmanpara and Monohorgonj. The main town of Comilla is under the Sadar Tana. Comilla Cantonment is one of most important military bases (oldest in east bengal). This has been widely used by the British Indian Army during the World War II.
Comilla has good communication network. It is known as the hub of road communication of eastern part of Bangladesh . One of the oldest highways of the Indian Sub-continent, ‘The Grand Trunk Road’ has approached through the city. At present, the most important Dhaka-Chittagong highway bypass the city from the cantonment to Poduar Bazar. Comilla is located at 97 kilometers from the capital city, Dhaka. This can be travelled by road or railway.

Comilla Board:
The Comilla Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is located in Comilla. This is the central administration that conducts primary, secondary, and higher secondary education for several districts. Historically, Comilla Board administered the education system of the whole Chittagong Division, but recently, Chittagong and Sylhet Education boards were spun off.
School & College : is also the location for the Comilla Medical College, Comilla Cadet College and Comilla Zilla School, Our Lady of Fatima Girls High School, Shailarani Debi Girls High School, Nabab Fayzunnesa Girls High School, Comilla University, Comilla Victoria College, Teachers Training College, Comilla Polytechnic Institute.

Social Activists and Philanthropists:
Nawab Faizunnesa, pioneer in Woman’s Education, founder of Faizunnesa Girls� School
Maheshchandra Bhattacharya (1858-1944), munificent
Capt. Naren Dutta, physician and founder of Srikail College,etc.

Buddhadeb Bosu (1908-1974), legendary Bangla poet, novelist, translator, editor and essayist
Anis Chowdhury (1929-1990), novelist and dramatist
Mohammad Kasem (1905-1957), editor and publisher Kadir (1906-1984), researcher, poet and editor
A.K.M Ali Akbar Khan, teacher and poet etc.

Sachin Dev Burman (1906-1975), recognized as S.D. Burman, singer, composer and music director
Jan-e-Alam Chowdhury (1884-1967), tabla player
Ustaad Mohamed Husain Khasru (1903-1959), classical musician and composer
Himangsu Kumar Dutta (1908-1944), musician and composer
Shukhendu Chakrabarty (1928-1989), lyricist, musician and composer
Shoila Devi (1916-1944), singer Rahul Dev Burman, recognized as R.D. Burman, son of S.D. Burman, composer and pioneer in Bollywood music direction.
Fazle Nizami (1933-1984), music teacher & Rabindra sangeet singer
Badal Roy, USA based tabla player.And in the present time best singer of comilla..singer Asif Akbar. He is a the most popular singer.etc. is also historically recognized for participation of its people in Independence movement of 1947 & 1971. In Muktijuddho, Comilla movement was administered by Mukti Bahini Sector 2 which had Major Khaled Mosharraf (later Major General of Bangladesh Army) as its commanding officer. Comilla was invaded by Allied Forces led by 23 Mountain Division of Indian Army under Command of Major General Hira Kiloferce & Mukti Bahini under Command of Major Khaled Mosharraf & Major A.T.M Haider on December 8, 1971 and liberated. The journey of Allied Forces to invade Dhaka was initiated after the fall of Comilla.


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  2. Myself father of subhadip name samlr ch. Saha was born in comilla ranging in the year 1940 and schooling at iswarpathsala school. Now residing with my son in Delhi. At this age,always remember my born place where my childhood and young age covered. I don't know whether I can see my birth place again. It's all depends on almighty. But, I want if our beloved almighty wishes like to give my heartest pranam to my birth place.with regards and thanks.

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