Thursday, April 28, 2011

History Of Chandpur

Chandpur (Bengali: চাঁদপুর)is a district in east-central Bangladesh. It is located at the mouth of the Meghna River. It is a part of the Chittagong Division. The town of Chandpur is boundary of a metre gauge branch of Bangladesh Railways. It also has a water terminal located here.

Chandpur district has a total area of 1704.06 square kilometers. It is surrounded by Munshiganj District and Comilla District on the north, Noakhali District, Lakshmipur District and Barisal District on the south, Comilla District on the east, and Meghna River, Shariatpur District and Munshiganj District on the west.
Chandpur is the flowing together of two of the mightiest rivers of Bangladesh .. the Padma River and the Meghna River, which meet near Chandpur Town. Important tributaries of the Meghna River flowing from first to last Chandpur are Dakatia River, Dhanagoda River, Matlab River and Udhamdi River.
Literacy and educational institutions Average literacy 37.8%; male 42.7%, female 33%. Educational institutions: university college 1, government college 2, non-government college 36, primary teacher's training institute 1, government high school 6, non-government high school 224, madrasa 1157, government primary school 786, non-government primary school 684, accumulation education school 76, BRAC school 28, community school 61, satellite school 37, kindergarten school 11, government hearing-impaired and dump school 1.
Hats, bazars and fairs Total number of hats and bazars are 213, most noted of which are Puran Bazar, Natun Bazar, Baburhat, Kachua, Faridganj, Fatehpur, Suchipara, Begum Bazar, Hajiganj, Warukh, Matlab, Shahtali, Satnal; noted fairs are Austami Snan Mela (Chandpur), Meher Kali Mela (Shahrasti), Paush Samkranti Mela, Bijoy Mela, Asutami Mela (Aliganj, Hajiganj), Beltali Mela (Matlab) and Boi (book) Mela.
Chandpur has 6 municipalities, 60 wards, 195 mahallas, 7 upazilas, 1 thana, 87 union parishads and 1226 villages. The municipalities are Chandpur Sadar, Shahrasti, Matlab, Changer Char and Hajiganj. The administrative subdivisions called upazilas are:
  1. Chandpur Sadar Upazilla
  2. Haziganj Upazila
  3. Shahrasti Upazilla
  4. Faridganj Upazilla
  5. Kachua Upazilla
  6. Matlab Upazilla
  7. Haimchar Upazilla

Main exports Hilsa fish, shrimp, betel nut and potato.
NGO activities Operationally significant NGOs are brac, asa, CARE, grameen bank, Autta Nibedita, Aman, DPHE, BAVS, VOSD, Save Our Life.
Health centres Zila sadar hospital 1, satellite clinic 20, health and family welfare centre 76, maternity centre 3, charitable dispensary 1, upazila health complex 7eye hospital 1, diabetic hospital 1, red crescent hospital 1, tuberculosis hospital 1, private clinic 6, railway hospital

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  1. "Important tributaries of the Meghna River flowing from first to last Chandpur are Dakatia River, Dhanagoda River, Matlab River and Udhamdi River" ridiculous! I don't even know what is Matlab River and Udhamdi River although i am a son of Matlab Thana.